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Resources for the blog […and a note from the author]

Some people have asked me what I’m using for the blog, so I figured I’d take a couple moments to specifically address that.  Essentially, thus far I have three tools only for my discussion:

  1. I’m using a study Bible given to me by a close friend of mine a couple years ago.  In my initial attempt at writing the blog, part of my frustration was found in finding complex areas of the book with no real immediate explanation for the cultural differences, etc. that were making my readings so difficult.  I can say that the context provided in the hard-bound Bible provided to me has been helpful in my random studies since abandoning the initial project in June 2010.
  2. I’m using the YouVersion mobile app for the Android – in my case, the Droid Incredible [which occasionally lives up to the hype its name provides, this app included].  This app is absolutely tremendous and, of equal importance, free.  You can learn more about it here, but if you want a personal recommendation as to why I love it so much, I’ll include this bit of a presser:  I’m an auditory learner as much as I am visual, and there’s nothing quite like being able to read my daily plan while having it read to me, as well.  I feel like I’m sitting there one on one with a tutor of sorts during my usage of this tool, and on my drives to and from work I tend to listen to it as much as I do my favorite musicians.
  3. I’m using you.  That sounds a little direct, if not silly, but my goal with this entire project is to amass a strong readership of both loyal and casual readers from all ends of the spiritual spectrum to share ideas and insight.  I’m not looking to proselytize, either; you’ll find pretty early in my writings that I’ve got things that I doubt and struggle with even in my own faith, so I’m in no position to tell you directly how to live your lives.  I want people ranging from hardcore every-service-attending Christians to those outside of the faith reading, responding, and discussing what you’re seeing on the pages here.  So long as it is respectful discourse – and we’re all adults in the room, so I imagine it will be – I will place absolutely no filters on what you say or how you respond and engage the material, myself, or others.  If you find it interesting, feel free to share with others.

Ultimately, I want to take something that is by all means justifiably placed on the backburner in some ways regarding our societal discourse and push it to the fore.  Spirituality is an important part of the human experience, regardless of where you stand on it.  I’m seeking answers to life’s questions through the lens of a genuine truth-seeker, and hope you join me in the discussion.

May you seek to find your own truth in your paths to faith, and may God bless you throughout the process with both knowledge and an inquisitive spirit as you conduct your own life journey.


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