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A Few Things about the Blog

This blog is essentially the result of several months I’ve spent questioning faith-related topics. I want to say upfront that I’m not going to profess to be the following:

1.  An expert on theology/spirituality.

2.  An individual with tremendous writing ability.

What I will tell you is that I’m a person with many questions and few solid answers, which makes things difficult for me, because like billions of people around the world, I like answers to all things, big and small.  I also have a weird sense of humor, so if I tell Jesus jokes or anything else anyone could deem inappropriate, please know that I was dropped on my head at least once as a small child.  (I’ve also eaten glue.)

I’ve created this place for group and individual study, as well as for conversation concerning topics that some may feel uncomfortable having.  It’s time for me to take some real ownership of things regarding my faith rather than sitting back and spouting the beliefs of those who raised me, and I feel in creating this that perhaps I’m not alone in those places.  This is the reason for the blog in a nutshell:  I understand that there may be others out there who say they are Christians externally but internally find themselves struggling with even the smallest of issues regarding their belief system.

In fact, several of my friends have decided to do the One Year Bible reading with me after hearing the idea; perhaps this will be your new beginning, as well.  If it isn’t, but you still have questions, I’d like for you to check in from time to time.  Dwelling in the desert is for firm Christians seeking alternative perspectives on truths which they hold, Christians such as myself who question everything under their nose, and non-Christians who simply want a different perspective into the faith than the stereotypical things found in day-to-day society.  (To those guys, for the record, I don’t like a lot of stereotypical Christianity myself, and you’ll see that from time to time in this piece.)

Read it.   Share it.  RSS it.  Follow it.  Comment on it.  Email me at ben.sheffield@gmail.com.  Pray on it.   Etc., etc., etc..

And if you want to follow the Bible path that I’m reading, you may find that here.  Even if you start reading on June 25, pretend it’s New Year’s Day and go from there.

May you find the answers to all things big and small in your paths, whether they’re similar to mine or elsewhere.


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